Sauce Walka is Legitimizing Himself as a True Independent Factor with "SGG2"

December 9, 2019 9:10 pm by Hype South

This week Sauce Walka released the sequel album of Sauce Ghetto Gospel with Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2 aka SGG2. Most notably, the first installment drew attention from Jay-Z and Roc Nation, as Jay-Z listed the 'sauce bible' as his favorite album of the year to close out 2019. SGG2 deserves the same attention and so much more.

Since the releas of the first installment, Sauce Walka has been busy being a CEO breaking Mexican rapper Peso Peso to add to the list of unique artists under the TSF label and still managed to release New Sauce City. This mixtape was recorded while he was in New York apparently where he spent a couple of weeks absorbing the NYC atmosphere. It was also an impressive body of work.

Sauce Walka -Sauce Ghetto Gospel

Now he has blessed the universe with Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2. So first let me state my opinion and then I'll support my opinion with some significant facts. Ready? Here we go! 

This is one of the best albums to come out of Houston in the post Screw Era and maybe THE best. Lyrically sound. Recorded well. Unique production. And most importantly, the right features.


There hasnt been a significant album from a Houston artist that bridged the gap in the post Screw Era. Meaning, since Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, nobody has collaborated across the H like Sauce did on this album. Lil Keke represents the spirit of the city with his feature on Out The Mud, while #Propain represents the middle child in Houston on Get Out. The #MaxoKream collab is a gem in #BrazyCrazy. As interesting as those collabs are he also managed to get a #TravisScott feature where he recently said in an interview that he pulled up to the studio to record his verse, although it lacked the impression that Houston could have expected or dreamed of as it fell short a bit. But he did cover main stream Houston with that collab nevertheless. And he tapped into Houston's underground with #JuneBug and #YungRuler as well. And of course his TSF fam was featured as well. Even grabbing Mozzy for a track called "Mamma". 

If that isnt significant enough take into account that he is independent getting major features and releases from major labels for his album. Every artist in Houston whether it be mainstream or underground know Sauce Walka and the streets of Houston has a respect for him for his contributions to recreate the rap scene in Houston 5 years ago. All parts of Houston are represented it on this album. As far as importance it hasnt been done like this in a while.

Sauce Walka is a real player in the game. His moves are calculated. AS other artists are seemingly playing checkers, he is playing chess. THis project is meaningful for Houston and meaningful for independent trailblazing.

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