Chowtime TV is an independent entertainment/media company that was establised in 2017 that delivers content centralized around the urban culture of Houston. Whether that be from a Houston culture type of perspective on broad topics or deeper looks into the "City of Syrup" through the Throwed In The Game Podcast, Urban News on The Move, DGTL Articles or the all new "BlogCast".

The Throwed In The Game Podcast is a 45-60 minute podcast that has had guest appearances from Lil Flip, OG Ron C, ESG, Cal Wayne, Lil O, J. Prince, Propain all of which are considered legends in the Third Coast region and abroad along with several others local and viral music successes. They also dig into trending topics in hip hop and urban culture.

DGTL Articles are exactly that, articles in digital form. Subjects are brainstormed, then researched, The article is then written and a digital recording of that article is supported by videos, pictures and graphics to deliver one of our most popular types of original content which has emassed over 390K views alone.

By The Numbers (YouTube)

14.7 impressions (total)

11.9 million impressions (2020)

1.7 million views (total)

1.2 million views (2020)

103.1K watch hours (total)

79.5K watch hours (2020)

6.9% CTR (Click Through Rate)