Coach Face of the Sugarland Seahawks talks Little League Football

November 18, 2019 by Hype South

What's up Coach whats your name and what team and league do you represent?

Coach Face: Coach Face from the Sugarland Seahawks out of FUN League.

How long have you been involved in little league football?

Coach Face: I grew up around Little League Football playing for The Southwest Cowboys but I fell in love with coaching the youth like 3 years ago.

Football is big in Texas and little league is a big part of establishing fundamentals in the sport. But these days it seems like little league is extremely competitive why is that?

Coach Face: Texas is a very competitive state from high school on to college and even Little League, but with social media and Youth football TV shows being a big part of this generation it’s bringing awareness to how Little League been competitive for a long time in Texas!

A lot of coaches coach their own kids, do you think that serves as an advantage for the athlete as far as when the kid goes on to the next level and aren't being coached by their Dad?

Coach Face: It has its pros and cons but me personally I don’t want to be coaching my kids for the simple reason I don’t want to be in the "Daddy Ball" conversation. What happens if your son is the best at running the ball? 75% of the time people may say you only doing it because it’s your son. But flip it the other way and you don’t give him the ball, 75% of the time you could be holding him back from greatness. So I just sit back and be a parent when my kids play, but I know eventually I may have to cross that path but I’m staying away from it as long as possible.

Do you think little league football will have a national system as strong as AAU is for basketball one day?

Coach Face: It can with the right platforms in place!

As a coach, are you concerned with exposing the junior athletes to some of the head trauma diseases that develop overtime like CTE?

Coach Face: Yes as a coach and a parent but through clinics they are pushing heads up tackle to avoid as much head contact as possible.

What are steps that you think the NFL should take in assisting with that concern?


Coach Face: First and foremost, opening their ears to the players and Union and not just treating them like workers, then continue developing safer equipment and cracking down on certain hits!

What's one of the most important things you try to teach the kids out here?

Coach Face: To be coachable‼️ The field is just like a classroom so to be coachable is to be teachable because an uncoachable kid turns into an unemployable adult!

Good Stuff! Thanks coach and good luck to you and the kids.

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